Building the Unthinkable

Before the “nuclear option” came to be a tasteless metaphor, the nuclear bomb and the nuclear reactor had to be built and texted, in far from metaphorical, but equally tasteless,  environments. Those environments — stark, angular, on a scale that diminishes the human form — have not been without impact on the everyday structures in which we live. The power plant is as visually suggestive of our era as the gaslamp was to the Victorian.

Building the Unthinkable examines how the structures necessary for constructing and maintaining nuclear technology have altered the world of modern design. It is not only the word “nuclear” that has become part of our spoken language, but the outlines and dimensions of the plants, the chambers, even the isolation suits and centrigues, that have seeped into our visual language.

Project Exhibition Curation and Design
Location Manhattan, New York US