Light Industrial Building

A still wheel looks something like a sleeping animal; it is only momentarily still. The forklift, the wheelbarrows, the truck—even the gate on its tracks—are all objects that seem inclined towards motion. Meubles.

But those utilitarian cylinders of fluorescent light are not something we expect to shift position. If this picture were a cell from an old animated cartoon, the lights would be painted onto the stable background layer, along with the concrete floor and flat ceiling, while the kick-line of wheelbarrows, superimposed on an upper layer, was free to cavort on top. Animation and architecture both set the inanimate in motion; both arts imagine change where it is not expected. The best cartoons surprise us, when something that we had thought was stuck in the background layer is suddenly able to move.

For many years Stayner Architects has worked for a California and Arizona-based real estate and construction equipment rental corporation. We completed numerous light industrial, commercial, and retail projects across Southern California.

Project Built
Location Van Nuys, California US
Client Chandler Associates