John Guinn / Technical Director and Project Designer


John Guinn is the Technical Director and a Project Designer at Stayner Architects.
He has contributed to a wide variety of projects since joining the office, often with responsibilities uncharacteristic of a traditional architectural role, such as in-house engineer and fabricator of custom building components; construction oversight; and concrete and rebar detailing. His work focuses on the superimposition of design processes and construction, and he has had a major part in the implementation and administration of building information, fabrication, and office management technologies in the office.

John played a primary role in bringing Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology to the office and its construction projects. He also launched and directs Stayner Architect’s in-house CNC Fabrication Studio with the aim of creating a more seamless relationship between architectural representation and construction execution. It is his belief that these technologies play a role in reshaping traditional architect-contractor-owner relationships, as well as produce building products with a heightened finesse and fidelity that are more directly aligned with design intent.

John earned his Bachelor of Design in Architecture from the University of Florida and his Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan.