Jon Anthony / Project Designer and Creative Lead

Jon Anthony is a Project Designer and Creative Lead at Stayner Architects. He is a Project Designer for a variety of food-related projects that include the Deep Springs College Dining Hall, Tamarindo Restaurant, Mercadito Bar, and Tilda Wine. He also leads in-house graphics and branding for many of Stayner Architects’ projects, working to extend three-dimensional architectural spaces into other experiential realms such as the Internet and printed page, as well as sound, smell, feel, and taste.

Prior to joining Stayner Architects, Jon worked at Snøhetta, Young Projects, and SPORTS Collaborative in New York. He received a Bachelor of Architecture at Syracuse University where he was awarded a Dean’s Citation for his Senior Thesis, Rethinking Stuff. While at Syracuse, Jon taught in 2-D/3-D representational courses and was granted the Robert W. Cutler Scholarship for international study, in Florence.