Olfactory Past

In the century-plus of Borden Park’s existence in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, the location has metamorphosed from a vast swamp at the city limits to a bustling fairground — containing a rollercoaster and something called a “tunnel of love” (really) as well as a tea room and an outdoor swimming pool–back to a somewhat neglected although still actively used public park. Since the 1950s, the cotton candy, the popcorn, the Ferris wheel and the chlorine have been things of the past. It is not anyone’s intention to bring them back. However, since the ghosts haunting Borden Park are such cheery ones–swimsuit-clad children and snogging teenagers–Olfactory Past intends to suggest the sensation of being in the presence of these carefree Canadians, through reproducing some of the scents of their environment. For those residents of Edmonton who remember the pre-WWII park–or, more likely, for those who remember stories of it–the statues, each dispensing a different scent related to the park’s pleasant past, will be not unlike the seashell in which one can hear the ocean.


Bonner / Stayner
Studio Bonner, Atlanta
Stayner Architects, Los Angeles
Project Project, Exhibition
Location Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Istanbul Modern Museum of Art, Istanbul, Turkey