Stayner Architects is an award-winning, idea-based architectural practice located in Los Angeles — although our projects are located across the city, increasingly across the United States, and even abroad. Our small office prides itself in our ability to balance intellectual rigor and attention to design with a proven commitment to realizing thoughtful architecture under demanding constraints. We are particularly capable of adding value to situations defined by the complexity of contemporary life: in challenging sites, in contexts with sensitive politics and dynamics, on projects that others consider impossible, and in collaboration with a variety of interdisciplinary consultants and associates.


Architecture shapes how we experience the world. Our office employs architecture and urbanism as vehicles for multidisciplinary collaboration and the engagement of a wide host of issues focused on the public realm: material geographies, ecological restraint, political engagement, and cultural analysis. This requires that we operate at multiple scales and for a multiplicity of clients. Past and present commissions include projects of diverse uses and typologies: houses, educational facilities, cultural institutions, large-scale installations, media, renewable energy and waste management projects, exhibitions, and urban designs. We work with and for a diversity of clients, including developers, institutions, individuals, government agencies and corporations. We approach projects with an intellectual rigor balanced with a pragmatism born of forty years of experience in architectural practice across two generations of practitioners. Through an analysis-driven practice that prizes innovation and research, we embrace technological change and the unexpected.