Wastewater Treatment Plant

At Deep Springs College, a small, private, two-year college in a remote Northern California setting, the students study philosophy and literature, but they also learn to work on a functioning farm. The rural environment of the college is an integral part of its educational mission; the school seeks to teach students about self-government, personal responsibility, and the long-term impact of their actions. The Deep Springs administration is united in wanting the campus and farm to be as sustainable as possible. However, a limited budget and logistical obstacles have prevented the school from implementing some environmental measures, such as wastewater treatment.  This new project, based on the design of the treatment plant at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, will recycle contaminated water from Deep Springs’s residential buildings, and will do so with technology that is affordable and easily maintainable for a small institution in an isolated location. The water, once treated, will be suitable for irrigation.

Project Consulting
Location Big Pine, California
Client Deep Springs College