Center for Food Equity and Community Health

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Community Engagement
Design Guidelines
Project Programming
Conceptual Design
Trauma-informed Design Research
Biophilic Design Research


Stayner Architects worked with a Hollywood-based nonprofit that addresses food equity and community health on the initial phase of research, community engagement, and design for a new Center for Food Equity and Community Health in Los Angeles.

Our involvement centered on the development of a Community Needs Assessment and Design Vision Guide. This included a series of Community Engagement events with the unhoused and food-insercure population directly served by the nonprofit as well as their staff and volunteers; synthesis of the feedback collected into Guiding Principles, Design Priorities, and Design Strategies for its future development; translation of this information into a Project Program; a high level Project Placement analysis of potential neighborhoods to target for development potential. This work ultimately informed the development of Conceptual Renderings that embody the values and ambitions of the project for the purposes of ongoing fundraising.


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Project Team
Angela Lufkin, Talia Moretti, Christian Stayner