Stayner Architects is an award winning architecture practice committed to spatializing goals of equity, environment, and social justice in food-systems to design and build a better, more creative and thoughtful world.

    We are hands-on and process-driven, bringing expertise in the full range of project delivery to add beauty, nuance, and value to our work with a reach that extends beyond the building. Our focus——in process, outcome, and operation——is the underlying ethics of materials use, social engagement, and historical rigor. This commitment enables us to be versatile in our practice and to successfully engage in projects as varied as homes, restaurants, workplaces, and schools.

    From a tiny wine bar in the hills of Los Angeles to a dining hall at the remote Deep Springs College, we are embedded in the American West (our home). Within its fraught histories and sublime and changeable landscapes, we see sites of abundant urban and agricultural production, technological innovation, and rich cultural diversity——places where there is still work to be done to live more lightly on the land and in collaboration with our neighbors. Out of these distinct regional conditions, our finished projects are celebrations of site, process, and politics, and reflect our belief that only by making space can we make space for change.



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