Stayner Architects is a second-generation architecture firm located in Los Angeles, California. We are architects, designers, developers, and builders. We are hands-on and process-driven. We design for civic-minded clients in the public and private sectors. We engage critically with issues of finance, politics, and climate, and we have over forty years of experience working through projects with complex sites, stakeholders, and financing.

We have projects across the American West. We’ve developed an ethos and a design methodology that works across scales and building types. We work with clients, we develop our own projects, and we partner with other like-minded developers to realize work that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. We are licensed to practice architecture in CA, AZ, NM, TX, and HI. We are LEED AP certified, and licensed under California General Contractor License 553495.



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1461 Echo Park Ave.
Los Angeles, California
90026 US

T: +1 213 484 0224
F: +1 213 483 8768


Christian Stayner
Jon Anthony
Austin Kronig
Angela Lufkin
Karim Abdel-Wadood
Steve Martinez
Alina Provost
Gilbert Stayner

John Going
Rebecca Fitzgerald
John Guinn
Paul Giese
Rob Michel
McKenna Stayner
Elif Erez
Alejandro Saldarriaga
Juan-Manuel Andriano

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