Christian Stayner

Founder and Managing Principal
of Stayner Architects.

Licensed: CA, HI, NM, TX, AZ
LEED Professional
General Contractor: CA  
Contact: christian

Jon Anthony

Creative Director & Project Manager
at Stayner Architects.

B.Arch Syracuse University

Contact: jonathan

Austin Kronig

Project Manager
at Stayner Architects

M.Arch University of Michigan

Contact: austin

Angela Lufkin

Project Designer
at Stayner Architects

M.Arch Yale University

Contact: angela

Steve Martinez
Project Designer
at Stayner Architects

Contact: steve

Gilbert Stayner

of Stayner Architects

Licensed Architect: California
General Contractor: California

Karim Abdel-Wadood
Project Coordinator at Stayner Architects.

Contact: karim

Alina Provost

Project Designer
at Stayner Architects

Contact: alina

John Going
Rebecca Fitzgerald
John Guinn
Paul Giese
Rob Michel
McKenna Stayner
Elif Erez
Alejandro Saldarriaga
Juan-Manuel Andriano

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