The Desert Wave

Collage of the existing Miles C Bates Housein the
new Desert Wave Complex

Real Estate Development 
Architectural Design 
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The Desert Wave Complex, with the historic Miles C. Bates House as its anchor, will be a collection of discrete buildings interspersed within a newly-planted native landscape. Working with the Cactus Store, a neighbor of ours in Echo Park, and the Mojave Desert Land Trust, we’ve re-designed the Bates House landscaping to honor Walter White’s desire for seamless indoor-outdoor transitions, while improving the site’s overall sustainability through water conservation and pollinator support. A new pool, based on White’s original design for the property but never executed when the house was constructed, will be completed in Phase II of the project.


Plan Collage of the Desert Wave Complex

The project represents a new kind of hospitality environment—a micro-boutique hotel that celebrates regional history, culture, and mid-century design—that will be available for select events, artist residencies and group stays.  Two new structures will add 1400 SF and include two guest suites, a commercial kitchen for popup meals, a shared pool and spa, and an event pavilion. We’ve developed, designed, and will operate the Complex after it opens, treating it as a living, evolving environment—one that speaks to the original Miles Bates House’s role in the creative salon culture of Palm Springs-Palm Desert in its mid-century heyday.

Project Team:
Christian Stayner, Gilbert Stayner,
John Going, Alina Provost

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