Tilda Wine Bar

Tilda at the soft opening, Los Angeles CA 2019
Opened February 2020

Real Estate Development;
Architectural Design;
Products & Branding;
Construction Management


Tilda Wine Bar, one of three new businesses in our Echo Park Avenue Development, is a bar and bottle shop with a special focus on California’s abundant natural wine offerings. Taking inspiration from Paris’ caves à manger, Tilda is an informal, intimate gathering place on a small-scale commercial corridor already celebrated for its growing collection of independently-owned shops, restaurants, and coffee shops.


Tilda, and the Echo Park Avenue development as a whole, gave us the opportunity to design at all scales—from design of the coasters that will be replaced at the bar daily to the restoration of an existing 1928 wood bow-truss, we’re focused on the materials and activities that have and will continue to shape the project long after its opening. What we didn’t design and build ourselves, we pulled from our personal archive to furnish Tilda, with pieces from Hans Bergstrom, Louis Kalf, and Alexander Girard populating the space.


Illustration & Floor Plan


Tilda’s footprint is small—less than 375 square feet—so we focused on creating a few vignettes in one continuous space. From any given vantage point, a new material palette, approach to detailing, or lighting environment is visible, making one open room into a collection of micro-environments, each with its own identity.  Tilda shares a sky-lit, plant-filled interior court with Etti Restaurant and Parrot House Echo Park Workspace.


Photos by Jon Anthony, Stayner Architects

Project Team
Christian Stayner, John Guinn, Jon Anthony,
Rob Michel, Paul Giese

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IG: @tildawine