Bacetti Restaurant

Bacetti under construction, Los Angeles, CA 2019
Opening is scheduled for Summer 2020

Real Estate Development;
Architectural Design;
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Construction Management

Bacetti Restaurant occupies one unit in our larger Echo Park Avenue development, along with Tilda Wine Bar and Parrot House Echo Park Workspace.  The development was conceived as an intimate set of interconnected businesses, which are inserted into the already-bustling commercial-residential fabric of Echo Park. Small-scale, independent businesses are the core of Echo Park, an exemplar in Los Angeles as a neighborhood of mixed-uses and diverse ownerships. 


Graphics for Etti’s packaging

The interior court, shared with Tilda Wine

We’ve developed three-axis CNC techniques in-house to fabricate Bacetti’s custom terrazzo counters, which we now make for other projects at our Glendale Blvd. production site. With an in-house mill now up and running, what was initially a project-specific material and budgetary challenge has become the impetus to take on new design opportunities at a variety of scales. We’re now working on a new set of material and finish palettes, using traditional CNC applications in novel ways on ceramic, wood, and stone.


Details and material palette

Bacetti will focus on rustic, Roman-style food, and will have a full menu for sit-down meals in addition to a walk-up counter for coffee. With these two uses in mind—the everyday, quick stop, and the more leisurely meal—we used Etti’s small footprint to our advantage, dividing circulation paths for fast and slow visits while maintaining visual access, amplifying the restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere as well as its ease-of-use.


Bacetti under construction, Los Angeles CA, 2019

Project Team
Christian Stayner,
John Guinn, Rob Michel, Jon Anthony, Paul Giese