Construction Management
We are architects and master-builders. ︎︎︎

Our in-house fabrication facilities and construction expertise and resources allow us to push our designs beyond the usual constraints. We are licensed as a General (Class B) Contractor in California with a small in-house crew and a network of trusted subcontractors. Within any given project team are decades of experience with projects of all scales and programs, on sites both challenging and routine. We know that a building’s longevity is defined not only by its aesthetic and materiality, but also by the care with which its design intent has been carried through to its detailing and construction, and the provisions made for its future management.

Construction photos at Bacetti Restaurant, Los Angeles CA, 2019

We value the immense amount of embedded knowledge in the building trades, and we work with our teams to build projects that are innovative, refined, and lasting. If a project requires that we learn a new technique, skill, or approach, we learn from experts, build partnerships across disciplines, and apply lessons learned to future endeavors. 


In-house fabrication facilities with three-axis CNC mill

As an architecture firm in its second generation, we’ve been involved in decades worth of investment in passive and environmentally-oriented building strategies, and our work reflects deep engagement with the material, technological, and ecological realities of the building industry. Building with our own teams and performing our own contracting allows us to detail projects in imaginative and innovative ways, so that every project is finished to the highest level of resolution and refinement.


Construction photos at the Miles C Bates House, Palm Desert CA, 2019


Construction photos at Bacetti Restaurant, Los Angeles CA, 2020