Project Development
We are discipline leaders.

As a developer, builder, and operator, Stayner Architects is uniquely positioned to advise and lead a fully-integrated scope of development, design, construction, and management--beginning at a project’s inception and continuing through ongoing operations.


Stayner Architects combines a 50-year track record in development and architecture with unfailing questioning of the status-quo. Our client base is broad and includes non-profit organizations, post-secondary educational institutions, restaurants and bars, private businesses, and investors. Collectively this breadth, length, and depth of experience provides us with the ability to anticipate changing conditions, find value added in collaboration, and synthesize the expertise and desires of multiple stakeholder groups in a complex regulatory landscape. We achieve this by drawing on a team of trusted and experienced consultants and specialists.

Decades of experience in architectural design and real estate development through numerous recessions have helped us to build the expertise necessary to realize surprising, imaginative, and unconventional projects, and to find value in unexpected places. The success of our projects relies on our ability to form partnerships with other experts, to think strategically across fields, and to orchestrate the collective efforts of our network of consultants, collaborators, and colleagues toward shared goals.

Tilda Wine Bar, on Echo Park Avenue

In our development work, our role begins in identifying opportunities and continues through management, making use of our in-house expertise in design, branding, cultural programming, and operations. Through our construction management wing, we've assembled a team of engineers, designers, and construction professionals with unparalleled expertise, giving us the ability to not only advise clients, but also to help broker the connections that make innovative ideas into realities.

We offer our clients not only development modeling, feasibility, and strategic planning services, but also those services oriented towards longevity—from project operations and management to innovating, scaling, or re-building business models. We identify growth opportunities, but design, implement, and communicate the unique q
ualities of our clients to new markets and new generations.


The Miles C Bates House Restoration, Palm Desert CA, 2019