Tools & Utensils
Applied research on food systems. ︎︎︎

Because everyone eats, food sets the table for sociocultural transformation in response to the greatest challenges of our time — from sustainability and resilience to equity and physical and mental health — the list goes on! From this position, we created Tools & Utensils as a resource to provide educational, cultural, and philanthropic institutions with concrete steps and forward-looking ideas to construct the future of food on their campuses.

This project builds on our diverse history of food-oriented work through which we have discovered the many complexities involved in the design, financing, operation and outcome of projects at the nexus of so many players and parts. Exemplary work from our office includes our recently opened restaurant (Baccetti), neighboring wine bar (Tilda), under construction dining hall (Deep Springs College Boarding House), community planning and design initiative (Made in Opa-Locka), and future mixed-use developments (Glendale Blvd and Melrose Ave).