Project Development
We are design-first developers. ︎︎︎

We look for opportunities for architecture to provide civic and economic value. We focus on building life-cycles. We lead a fully-integrated scope of development, design, construction, and management of a project, from its inception through its ongoing operation. We do the majority of our development work in-house, although we also form equity partnerships with other developers who share our ethos. As designers, we recognize potential in unexpected places. As builders, we know how to make complex and unconventional projects happen.


Tilda Wine Bar on Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles CA, 2019

We step into the role of owner in order to realize projects that otherwise would not be possible. Just as traditional models of architectural design can sometimes preclude great work, traditional financing can also be an impediment to realizing projects that are unconventional, surprising, and imaginative. Our equity investments demonstrate the value of design-first development, and we retain ownership in cases where our ongoing management will benefit the project’s life beyond delivery.


Construction photos from the Echo Park Avenue Development, Los Angeles CA, 2019

Over the past fifty years Stayner Architects has developed over $150M in projects, through both ground-up construction and radical transformations of existing building stock in Southern California. Our current development work focuses on middle-income multi-family housing, niche restaurant and hospitality developments, and office and mixed-use projects in urban markets throughout the American West. Our role begins in identifying opportunities and continues through ongoing management, making use of our in-house expertise in design, branding, cultural programming, and operations.


The Miles C Bates House Restoration, Palm Desert CA, 2019