Project Directory

Bacetti, Roman-style Italian
restaurant in Echo Park, CA.

, a commercial kitchen and dining facility in Big Pine, CA.

, a multi-unit housing  project in Big Pine, CA.

Young Musicians Foundation
, a nonprofit 
music organization in Los Angeles,CA.

Winnedumah Hotel, a 25-key hotel
renovation in Independence,CA.

, a food truck turned
brick-and-mortar Mexican restaurant in San Clemente, CA.

Melrose Dining,
an unbuilt temporary food hall in East Hollywood, CA.

Melrose Housing,
a mass-plywood multi-family housing project in East Hollywood, CA.

Center for Food Equity & Community Health,
community engagement, research, and conceptual design for a Hollywood-based nonprofit.

, a wine bar and
bottle shop in Echo Park, CA.

, a hospitality complex and event space in Palm Desert, CA.

a coworking space for creative professionals in Echo Park, CA.

Mercadito Mezcaleria,
a mezcal bottle shop in San Clemente, CA.

, a historic home restoration in Palm Desert, CA.

Glendale Mixed Use, an office and small restaurant in Echo Park, CA.

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